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HIV Specialist recertification

  • 1.  HIV Specialist recertification

    Posted 03-26-2020 19:54
    Good evening.

    My AAHIVs expires this year. I am wondering if there are any specific resources I can utilize to prepare for the exam, new guidelines, etc.

    Thank you!

    Shannon Stewart, ARNP, AAHIV
    Siouxland Community Health Center
    Sioux City, Iowa

  • 2.  RE: HIV Specialist recertification

    Posted 03-26-2020 22:11
    Greetings, Shannon-

    Do you have the Fundamentals of HIV Medicine text Book? It's really helpful but I wouldn't depend solely on that text to pass the exam. The latest edition is very comprehensive and up to date. The guidelines by the Dept. of Health and Human Services, AIDS info is really helpful for treatment guidelines.

    Hope this helps.


    Michelle Ogle
    Bronx NY

  • 3.  RE: HIV Specialist recertification

    Posted 04-03-2020 15:36
    Hello Everyone,

    Please for how long do you need to work with HIV patients before you are eligible to sit for the boards and how many CEU's in total do one needs? Sorry I had to ask, I reviewed the annual but still need some clarifications. Thanks

    Lucy Efobi, DNP, FNP-BC

    lucy efobi
    Linden NJ

  • 4.  RE: HIV Specialist recertification

    Posted 04-01-2020 08:41
    I remember there are always questions about clinical trials on the test.I think its actually a GREAT way to keep us all on our toes since HIV medicine is based on great clinical data, however it is so hard to keep up with all of the conferences and all of the trials. I recall using NATAP website in the past to look up some of the trials I was unsure about or just didn't remember all of the information.

    Angela Kapalko
    Physician Assistant Chairperson for AAHIVM
    Philadelphia FIGHT CommunityHealth Centers
    Philadelphia PA

  • 5.  RE: HIV Specialist recertification

    Posted 04-01-2020 09:22
    Thank you for the info.
    Stay well!

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