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  • 1.  Health Care Provider

    Posted 08-26-2021 10:46
    Hello Academy Members
    I am looking for HIV providers in the Richmond , VA area. I have a patient whose job is transferring him there in September.

    Tonda Jackson
    Columbia SC

  • 2.  RE: Health Care Provider

    Posted 08-30-2021 14:24

    The Academy's Referral Link directory might be a great place to locate providers in a specific locale.  Here's a link to the page where you can look up providers by zip code:

    A best practice when using Referral Link is to enter in only a small amount of information in the search tool.  For example, when searching for a specific area, just enter the zip code.  That will return the largest number of results.  For Richmond, I entered ​​​23173 and found 4 providers with the HIV Specialist credential within 11 miles.  There are even more further afield.

    Referral Link is a public directory, so please feel free to tell your patients about it as well.  There a nice "Referral Link" button at the top of our web page that will take them right there.

    This is also a good opportunity to remind everyone to check their Referral Link profile for accuracy!  You can do so through the "Create a Referral Link Profile" button when you log in to your Academy account, or you can click here to go right to that page.  Send me a private message or e-mail at if you need any help with that.

    Dan Ebeling (he/him)
    Academy Communities Admin
    Director of Credentialing
    +1 (202) 659-0699