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Credentialing exam

  • 1.  Credentialing exam

    Posted 05-19-2020 00:00
    Hello everyone!

    I will be taking my HIV Specialist credentialing exam in November. Any helpful study tools / tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!

    Gina Tomkus, PA-C

    Gina Tomkus
    San Diego CA

  • 2.  RE: Credentialing exam

    Posted 05-19-2020 15:12
    Hi Gina

    I will take the exam too in November. I purchase the HIV medicine book they have on the website, also did some CMEs provided by work.

    Gryan Garcia, FNP-C
    Native Health
    Phoenix, Arizona

  • 3.  RE: Credentialing exam

    Posted 05-19-2020 18:30

    Reading the 2019 Fundamentals of HIV Medicine CME Edition is an excellent way to study. There is an on-line version CME Edition too with a search engine as I understand. Also the deadline for CME Credit of more than 40 hours has been extended to later this year by answering a group of multiple choice questions at the end of most chapters which help bring out the high points. Not all professional associations have extended the deadline however. I think it may be too late for pharmacists to get the credit.  Original deadline I think was May 1. Also you can request a discount code from the academy which is good for the book, not sure about the on-line course. Hope this helps. Best of luck!


    Paul McHugh, DO

  • 4.  RE: Credentialing exam

    Posted 05-19-2020 20:34
    Hi Gina:

    I purchased Fundamentals of HIV Medicine thru AAHIVM. I found it to be an excellent study tool. Also I found the National HIV Curriculum thru the University of Washington to be great source of info . There are exam style clinical questions at the end of each module

    best of luck

    Gary Newman RPH, AAHIVP, BCGP

  • 5.  RE: Credentialing exam

    Posted 05-20-2020 12:51
    Hello Gina
    I bough  the book HIV Medicine 2019 it has CME but also it is great book easy to read and understand . It is one of those book that keep you interested.
    I am planning to take the examen in November and reading the book and taking the CME is great strategy . 
    Good luck !! 

    Ivania Castillo-Morris
    Miramar FL

  • 6.  RE: Credentialing exam

    Posted 05-27-2020 17:50
    Just throwing my 2 cents in this discussion, as I just posted about it on the PA discussion group: the credentialing is to show that you are well rounded and knowledgeable about all things related to HIV, but that doesnt mean you need to memorize everything! as is medicine now, having a good fundamental base is key (which I know you have) and then being able to continually build on that is what makes you a specialist. medicine is ever changing  and being stagnant/not continuing our education is what makes one "just another provider" but being able to remember the past in medicine, where we came from, where we are now, and then where we are going (clinical trials! wooo!) is what sets you apart. all that to say, the fundamentals plus your general HIV knowledge is your base with a bit of "historical HIV knowledge" in there. the CMEs that you do (if you do any that are not just from fundamentals) like going to conferences or reading new journal articles or the 1hr free CME medscape offers (Love those medscape CMES!!!) is the ongoing continual learning. and then your ability to FIND the knowledge is the last part. if you dont know the answer, go search for it! but then the question is do you know where.... so places like DHHS guidelines, ISA-USA, Hopkins, Washington, etc. if you know what the question is asking for and you can search it and find it to understand it and answer the test, then that is the point. thank goodness its open book right!! YOU WILL DO GREAT! I am VERY excited to hear about more people (specifically more PAs! woo!) sitting for the test!

    Angela Kapalko
    Physician Assistant Chairperson for AAHIVM
    Philadelphia FIGHT CommunityHealth Centers
    Philadelphia PA