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Conversations with patients in the South

  • 1.  Conversations with patients in the South

    Posted 09-04-2020 18:19
    Hi all, 

    I'm currently a PA student at PCOM-GA in Suwanee, GA, but I am originally from Michigan. I had a lecture this morning about HIV/AIDS and one of the issues we discussed was stigma. I also learned that the South has the highest prevalence of HIV of any region in the country. I would like to get some feedback from any clinicians in the South or who have practiced in the South. What are common issues you run into with patients when discussing sexual health history and potential testing for HIV, and how do you navigate these conversations when stigma plays a large role? Moving to the South from Michigan is definitely a culture change and I want to be sensitive to those differences while still advocating for and educating about safe sexual practices and testing. 

    Thank you in advance! Looking forward to your responses.

    Mattea Krasicky
    Suwanee GA

  • 2.  RE: Conversations with patients in the South

    Posted 09-05-2020 21:13
    Hello! I love and work in South Florida, we are one of the leading state sin the country for prevalence of HIV due to many factors. In the clinic I work at, we order STD screening including HIV for all of our patients annually, and for some more often depending on their sexual history and possible risks. We do use the opt out option where the patients can opt out of testing, but we do not require a separate consent form specifically for HIV testing. This takes out one barrier for testing. Most of the patients are open to the testing and do not refuse it.

    Nadejda Dobrydnik, DNP, APRN, DNP-BC
    Sunny Isles Beach FL