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  • Hi There! The Patient Advocate Foundation ( can assist with insurance copays for HIV prevention (Truvada or Descovy) -- so long as the pt meets their eligibility requirements. Income must be 400% or less of FPG. They typically award $7500 ...

  • Yes or if it will be a barrier, looks like maybe a "social media" campaign ------------------------------ Michael Roggelin MSN, AGNP-C, AAHIVS Chicago, IL ------------------------------

  • Ok, great. Thanks! ------------------------------ Michael Roggelin MSN, AGNP-C, AAHIVS Chicago, IL ------------------------------

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  • Oh awesome! thanks for this. ------------------------------ Michael Roggelin MSN, AGNP-C, AAHIVS Chicago, IL ------------------------------

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  • Yes, I think next month will present the problem as they state after January 01, 2021. I have their paperwork for a PA and I have to say they crossed all t's and dotted all i's. It is pretty specific about exceptions. ------------------------------ Michael ...

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    Any organizations looking at how to handle generic truvada in the context of a 340B program now that there are several options for prescribing PrEP? ------------------------------ Jarrett Sell, MD Penn State Health /Alder Health Harrisburg PA ------ ...

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    My clinical research update for this week highlights a multicenter study in the US of clinical outcomes for patients with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19. The study reports similar outcomes to other reports in terms of the association with comorbidities ...

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    Question i have a patient who uses meth daily. he injects and/or smokes it. This was our first visit as he was referred to me. His platelet count is elevated. Before I get too carried away, has anyone seen a connection between methamphetamine use and ...

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    PrEP survey

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    Esteemed colleagues, Working with a medical student who is interested in doing a research project to increase provider comfort with PrEP prescribing. Checking in with the group to see if anyone is familiar with a published or validated surveys looking ...

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    For those who work with IM/FM/Med-Peds residency programs or other types of clinical training programs, and might know of a new/recent learner looking for more training opportunities in CA: The HIV Clinical Leadership Program (a unique fellowship involving ...

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