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    RE: staffing

    @Megan Evans , The Academy has a Career Center at where employers can post open positions. You can find it by clicking Career Center on the top of our main web page, or by navigating to I encourage you to check it out!​ ...

  • @Joel Gallant and all, I apologize for the advertisement. It has been removed and I have put the Community on Full Moderation for the time being. That means that no messages will get posted without Admin approval. This is to make sure that only legitimate ...

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    Hello from Augusta ME. Wondering if AAHIVM has a mechanism for posting for job openings within HIV clinics. As are many places, I'm sure, we are having difficulty filling vacancies: RN and LSCW in particular and looking to expand our search. Thanks ...

  • I hope this forum doesn't turn into a place for advertisements! ------------------------------ Joel Gallant, MD, MPH Santa Fe, NM ------------------------------

  • For those stating there isn't much Hep D in the US – the truth is we have very little Idea how much Hep D there is in the US. Recent estimates say that 80% of chronic HBV patients aren't even diagnosed in the US and, as is clear from this discussion, ...

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    Shout out to ACRE!

    Posted in: Academy Exchange

    Greetings, Academy Community- Wanted to take a minute to acknowledge ACRE, the Academy Council for Racial Equity, for all of the hard work organizing our inaugural Conference for Minority / Under represented Medical Students and Residents. Additional ...

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    This eNewsletter was sent out to all PA members last week on Friday, Sept 3rd. I wanted to share our newsletter in case there are PA non members in the community that did not get a chance to see our updates!! enjoy ---- On behalf of the Physician ...

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    Cabenuva Billing

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    Hello! Writing from a Health System Owned Specialty Pharmacy. We have implemented Cabenuva at our hospital system, with our pharmacy acting as a "hub"; we complete benefit investigation, prior authorization, calling prescription for oral lead in to ...

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    Hello colleagues, If you know anyone that has worked in a correctional setting during COVID-19, I would love to hear from you. See below. Many thanks! ------------------------------ Gina Tomkus San Diego CA ...

  • Posted in: Academy Exchange

    Greetings from Tucson! I have an over 60 year old patient moving to Ocala, Florida and I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations on a local provider. He's not limited to Ryan White programs given his income. Thank! Paul Sacamano El Rio Health, ...

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