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  • Hello! I only prescribe 30 days (one bottle) worth of Truvada with instructions to follow up every 6 months or when the bottle is out for repeat testing… this way I can gauge the amount of use and still have them come back.I also find yearly physical ...

  • I have been prescribing only 28 tablets at a time without refills for my folks with rare sexual encounters. Essentially that will cover 7 instances per year. I also tell them that at a minimum we should be checking HIV every 6 months (to mitigate loss ...

  • Curious if other practitioners have suggestions on practical steps with prescribing On Demand PrEP? The majority of patients I see on PrEP take it daily and we do 90d refills with expectation that they return every 90d for testing. If they have not ...

  • Hi Earl, I would also recommend that you consider the excellent organization Partners in Health. They do outstanding global health in a variety of countries, with a focus on HIV/TB/malaria/hepatitis, etc. They had a remarkable response to Ebola, and of ...

  • Earl, I think I read your post before, but not very sure. I am from Nairobi Kenya and Kudos for having worked there with our nice people. I run an HIV clinic in Chicago and the owner of KnowNOW Health has already developed an app, we are using to see ...

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    This eNewsletter was sent out to all PA members last week on Friday, Sept 3rd. I wanted to share our newsletter in case there are PA non members in the community that did not get a chance to see our updates!! enjoy ---- On behalf of the Physician ...

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    Cabenuva Billing

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    Hello! Writing from a Health System Owned Specialty Pharmacy. We have implemented Cabenuva at our hospital system, with our pharmacy acting as a "hub"; we complete benefit investigation, prior authorization, calling prescription for oral lead in to ...

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    Hello colleagues, If you know anyone that has worked in a correctional setting during COVID-19, I would love to hear from you. See below. Many thanks! ------------------------------ Gina Tomkus San Diego CA ...

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    Greetings from Tucson! I have an over 60 year old patient moving to Ocala, Florida and I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations on a local provider. He's not limited to Ryan White programs given his income. Thank! Paul Sacamano El Rio Health, ...

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    I thought this webinar might be useful for those interested in HIV-1 proviral DNA drug resistance testing as it can be a useful tool to guide treatment adjustments or regimen switches (due to adverse events, regimen intolerance or drug-drug interactions). ...

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