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  • Does the drug insert mention anything of this sort ? Just wondering if there is an explanation . Jeetesh

  • I have seen that in at least 10 patients. Very concerning. Most don't seem to go back to UD consistently, some I have changed to genvoya or desc/dolu and they become UD. ------------------------------ Judy Davidoff Chase Brexton Health Services Baltimore ...

  • I haven't really seen this, to be honest, but I will be on the lookout for it now that you all have pointed it out. ------------------------------ James Adams Rancho Mirage CA ------------------------------

  • Thanks for anwers Best ------------------------------ jeetesh singh ------------------------------

  • Bic only comes in combination as Biktarvy. It's a three drug regimen of BiC-TAF-FTC. I have changed someone to Dovato 3TC DTG once due to excessive weight gain. The injectable PrEP Cabotegravir which is comparable to Rilpivirine and DTG that you receive ...

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    For those who work with IM/FM/Med-Peds residency programs or other types of clinical training programs, and might know of a new/recent learner looking for more training opportunities in CA: The HIV Clinical Leadership Program (a unique fellowship involving ...

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    This week's highlighted study from Japan reminds us that CDC guidelines recommends vaccinating our HIV patients for Hepatitis A. You can read the full summary on the Academy's website . ------------------------------ Jeffrey Kirchner Lancaster General ...

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    Good morning colleagues, The Covid-19 pandemic unfortunately rages on in the USA, the NIH in its response has sponsored many studies on various agents Below is some information on one of our research vehicles ACTIV-2 which has sites all over the country. ...

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    A study about the risk factors for Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome in people with advanced HIV disease is the subject of this week's Clinical Research Update . While we are seeing fewer patients with advanced AIDS, this study suggests ...

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    In this week's Clinical Research Update I highlight a study comparing time to viral suppression in patient data from 2012 and 2017. The study suggests that, as clinicians have adopted the 2012/2013 DHHS Guidelines for immediate use of ART, the time to ...

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