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Positive Outing: Interview with Appliances Online

In August Kate wrote a great review of the fashion site Modcloth. Continuing on our “outing of awesome companies” trend I wanted to draw attention to some of the great things going on at Appliances Online. 



Appliances Online does what it says on the tin—it’s a place to buy white goods online. I first came across their site when shopping for my own new appliances and was so impressed by my experience with their site, I was inspired to write this post. Their site has a clean design and fantastic category pages that really think about how their customer will be shopping for a new product. They have created Top 5 lists, have video shopping guides, and have used lovely essaytyper large images to make the whole experience more pleasant. Their social media activity is also extremely impressive with some of the best Facebook comments from customers I have ever seen.

Apparently, it’s not just me who thinks they are amazing. In the past year they have seen a 50% year on year increase in sales. With a market that only grew by 2.5%, Appliances Online’s growth is way ahead of industry trends. Looking at a search metrics report its also clear that their team is hard at work to increase the visibility of the site.  

To help me really understand how Appliances Online is “changing the face of white goods retailing”, I reached out to their team for an interview. I was put in touch with the incredibly nice Matthew Lawson, who is their Head of Conversion. He was able to shed some light on what his team has been working on and what makes them so great. 

Your marketing overall will benefit from getting clear on these pieces. Without bold ideas about your  role, about how the world could and should be and how your organization wants to help make that a reality, you’re stuck talking up the features, specifications and applications of the work you do. Unless the work itself is remarkable, this is both boring and does nothing to build a competitive advantage.

Given enough time, an authentic content strategy to create value for your community can create exponential growth for the business. This is owned, not rented, media, and the upside for most businesses is well beyond their expectations. Extend that upward and rightward trendline on the Kapost ROI chart another year and imagine what kind of growth that generates.

But let’s not kid ourselves about the kind of time we have to prove a concept and demonstrate results. Ideally, eighteen months would be acceptable, but since time is money and runways are always short…

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