David Hachey

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Pocatello, ID

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I have been caring for PLWH since 1998 in Idaho.  For the past 20 plus years I have been a professor of family medicine focusing on the education and training of the Primary Care HIV workforce.  As a pharmacist, I have focused on improving the quality of care for PLWH and maximizing therapeutic outcomes. I have served as the Program Director/Principle Investigator of our Ryan White Part C program for nearly 20 years and also established a successful hepatitis C co-infections program.  I am also a faculty member with the University of Washington and the Mountain West AIDS Education Training Center and have completed HIV focused sabbaticals at the University of Cape Town and University of Namibia. 

I have a passion for patient care, education, and drug therapy and look forward to working with all types of providers interested in caring for PLWH.

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