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  • 1.  CD 4 change with COVID immunizations

    Posted 04-20-2021 17:08
    Has anyone seen any data looking at patients living with HIV and CD4 count after COVID immunization?

    I have a patient who is undetectable, has been for a long time.  Had a significant drop in his CD4 after the 2nd dose of COVID immunizaiton.

    John Phoenix
    Las Vegas NV

  • 2.  RE: CD 4 change with COVID immunizations

    Posted 04-22-2021 23:18

    I will definitely keep my eye open and get back to you on that. I did have one patient who had a blip, after his first moderna vaccine but he became undetectable 3 weeks later. I just started him on Cabenuva and after his oral therapy his CD4 actually shot up to 1100 and he has had both vaccines by now. But that is just one. 

    stay tuned...

    Amber Siegel DNP AAHIVS
    Crew Healthcare
    Orlando, Florida

  • 3.  RE: CD 4 change with COVID immunizations

    Posted 04-26-2021 12:16
    Yes, I have seen the correlation of CD4 dropping and receiving the COVID vaccination close to or on the day of getting blood drawn. But have not seen any data yet that this is a true correlation, but it makes since that their immune system is reacting to the vaccination and responding accordingly.

    Bridgette Flowers
    Ypsilanti MI

  • 4.  RE: CD 4 change with COVID immunizations

    Posted 06-17-2021 16:10
    COVID-19 Vaccines and People with HIV Frequently Asked Questions

    Will the vaccine be effective or recommended if I have CD4 < 200 / A low immune system?
    • The CDC advises that people who are immunocompromised, including people with HIV, be eligible to
    receive the vaccine because of their potential increased risk for serious illness due to COVID-19. The
    safety and effectiveness in immunocompromised populations is not yet known, however, particularly
    whether the protection from COVID-19 will be as strong as it is for the general population.

    Henry Delu
    Los Angeles CA