About the Academy Mentoring Program

Academy Mentoring Program

The Academy Mentoring Program was introduced with the goal of bridging the knowledge gap between experienced HIV care providers and the next generation. This program matches up new and experienced practioners in one-on-one relationships in order to provide a more customized experience. Everyone is at a different place in their journey, and a mentor can help guide you to the next steps, whether you're at the very beginning or are already treating patients.

After completing the registration form, mentees will be provided with some suggested available mentors or use our Mentor Directory to find other available mentors. Mentees are responsible for requesting the mentoring relationship, the system will not assign mentors automatically.

A mentoring relationship is a 6 month commitment by both parties. Mentors and Mentees should expect to meet regularly and set reasonable learning objectives to guide their time together.

To register as a mentor or mentee, use the links below. Once you have registered, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with next steps in the process.

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Academy Mentoring Program Guidelines

Participation in the Academy Mentoring Program can be a valuable way to connect with an experienced HIV care provider and increase your knowledge of HIV care. To get the most out of your experience, please keep these guidelines in mind.

  1. The formal relationship between mentor and mentee will last for 6 months. It is possible that a formal relationship can continue beyond this, but both parties must agree at that time.

  2. Mentees should meet with their mentor for a minimum of one hour per month. Most mentoring relationships will meet more often, but that will depend on the needs and availability of the mentor and mentee.

  3. Mentees are responsible for leading the communication and scheduling, especially initially. 

  4. Respect the other's time and availability. Remember that mentors are volunteers and give their time without compensation. Communicate using agreed upon channels during appropriate times. Give as much notification as possible for cancellations or delays.

  1. Be prepared for each meeting. Unless otherwise agreed upon, mentees are responsible for setting the agenda and preparing for meetings. Have topics, questions, or cases prepared before the meeting.

  2. There is no set curriculum for the mentoring program. During the first meeting, mentees should share what they would like to gain from the relationship.  Together, mentors and mentees will determine the most appropriate way to achieve their goals.

  3. Mentors may suggest additional reading, webinars, or other educational opportunities between meetings. These will help give a foundation to subsequent conversations. Be sure to participate in these activities when asked.

  4. At the completion of 6 months, both mentors and mentees will receive a survey short survey about the experience. Please help us to continually improve this program by completing the survey.


Eligibiltiy Requirements

The Academy Mentoring Program is open to all physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and pharmacists who are interested in learning more about HIV care. Academy membership is strongly encouraged, though not required for mentees.

Credentialing Candidates

Participation in the Academy Mentoring Program can be used, in lieu of treating the minimum 25 patients with HIV, to meet the Experience requirement for eligibility for the HIV Specialist or HIV Pharmacist Credential. To meet this requirement, participants must be paired with a mentor within 2 years prior to the date of application. The mentoring relationship does not have to be completed before registering to become credentialed.

Participating in the Academy Mentoring Program is not a substitute for the CE Requirement. All candidates must complete the required 45 hours of HIV- or HCV-related CE to meet the eligibility requirements.

For questions about earning your credential from the Academy, please e-mail credentialing@aahivm.org.

Mentoring Process for Mentees

New mentees should follow the process below to participate in the program.

  1. Register as a Mentee. Use the button below to complete your Mentee Profile and submit your availability to enter a mentoring relationship.

  2. Search for Available Mentors. Use the Mentor Directory to search for available mentors. Once you have registered, some suggested mentors will be shown at the top of the directory. Alternatively, you can search for specific criteria in a mentor.

    When you have found an possible mentor, send them a request to enter a mentoring relationship.

  3. Schedule a First Meeting. Once they have agreed to be your mentor, set up a first call or meeting to get to know each other. 

  4. Meet Every Month. Mentors and Mentees should agree on the frequency of communication, but plan to check in at least once per month for about an hour.

  5. Assess the relationship after 6 months. By default, a mentoring relationship will formally last for 6 months. Relationships may be extended upon agreement of both the mentor and mentee.


Eligibilty Requirements

All mentors in the Academy Mentoring Program must hold an active HIV Specialist, HIV Pharmacist, or HIV Expert credential throughout the mentoring program. Academy membership is strongly encouraged, but is not required to participate as a mentor.

Mentoring Process for Mentors

New Mentors should follow the process below to participate in the Academy Mentoring Program.

  1. Register as a Mentor. Complete your Mentor Profile using the button below. A complete profile will allow mentees to better identify you as a potential mentor.

    On the application, you may select how many mentees you can take at one time. To ensure all mentees receive appropriate attention, the Academy recommends no more than 3 simultaneous mentees.

  2. Respond to Mentoring Requests Promptly. It is the role of the Mentee to request a mentoring relationship, but you may decide to approve or decline the request.

  3. Help Mentees Develop a Plan. Assist your mentee to determine where they need assistance and set appropriate goals. Suggest specific reading or CE programs to help guide mentees.

  4. Assess After 6 Months. By default, all mentoring relationships will last for 6 months. You and your mentee may opt to extend the formal relationship if you both agree.

Only practitioners with the HIV Specialist, HIV Pharmacist, or HIV Expert credential are eligible to register as a mentor. For more information about these credentials, please visit the Credentialing page on our website or e-mail credentialing@aahivm.org.

To register as a mentor, log in with your Academy Account, then use the button below.