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  • Posted in: Academy Exchange

    Exactly, Sandra, and I have encountered that lots of patients do not tolerate the switch very well and will want to go back on their last regimen. For instance, I used to try to talk my Genvoya patients into switching to Biktarvy due to drug interactions ...

  • Posted in: Academy Exchange

    I'm with you, James. Many thousands of lives have been saved with EFV/TDF/FTC over the years. When we started out, the trade-off between viral suppression and the hypothetical lipid/cardiac implications of EFV would have been laughable. Obviously, a ...

  • Posted in: Academy Exchange

    Hello , Most of my patients resolve with just stop taking the supplemnts . And just interferon included. But it it does not work.My patient and I will have a very serious talk and find the other option which is Descovy. If the patient stop taking supplements ...

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