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Academy Exchange  

An open forum to discuss all things related to HIV Care.

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Long Acting Agents Discussion Forum  

A discussion forum about long acting antiretroviral agents. Discuss and share best practices, resources and other information about LAAs.

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  • Posted in: Academy Exchange

    I think you have more evidence against HIV1/2 than in favor. 1. By history, he has a single possible transmission event via the transfusion 40+ years ago. 2. No evidence of viral replication on either HIV 1/2 viral load. 3. Despite low absolute CD4 count, ...

  • Posted in: Academy Exchange

    Ben, It looks like patient is from West Africa, and the mode of transmission was postulated to be a tainted blood transfusion in the early 80s. So, the + HIV 2 confirmatory antibody test could certainly be a true +. Perhaps it would help to repeat ...

  • Posted in: Academy Exchange

    HIV-2 is endemic to l only to western and ventral Africa and is much harder to transmit than HIV-1. It's even theorized it might eradicate itself over time because it's harder to transmit. Given the higher rates of false positive differentiation assay ...

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