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    Mid 20's MSM contacted us to start PrEP. Initial lab panel: negative for HIV, but has chronic hepatitis B (he was unaware), with eAg negative dz, low viral load at 328 IU/mL, mildly elevated ALT only at 77. No liver imaging yet. From social history ...

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    RE: PrEP

    Posted in: Academy Exchange

    Yes...you do need a negative hiv test and bun/creat, maybe an hiv VL if concern that the hiv test could be missing an early conversion. STD screening important in general, but not enough to not start prep. Sent from my iPad

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    RE: PrEP

    Posted in: Academy Exchange

    Yes I would start only If I know the HIV status -- Garegole Letang Training Lead Center for International Health, Education, and Biosecurity Maryland Global Initiatives Corporation Affiliate of the University ...

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