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  • Development of thrombocytosis in HIV+ drug users: impact of antiretroviral therapy ------------------------------ Henry Delu Los Angeles CA ------------------------------

  • Hi Samuel, There is no one mechanism or risk factor for HIV associated wasting (HIVAW). Its cause can be multifactorial. In 1987, the CDC definition of wasting was involuntary weight loss accompanied by chronic diarrhea, fever, and weakness for 30 days ...

  • COVID-19 Vaccines and People with HIV Frequently Asked Questions Will the vaccine be effective or recommended if I have CD4 < 200 / A low immune system? • The CDC advises that people ...

  • Hi Samuel, Viral load measurement helps to detect initial response to ART and sustained response to ART, with the goal of the patient achieving durable viral suppression. If the patient is already virally suppressed, measuring their CD4 count would help ...

  • I found this quick read on mechanism, risk factors, and therapeutic strategies for Cachexia, anorexia, non malignant and malignant weight loss in Science Direct. Cachexia ------------------------------ ...

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    Cabenuva Billing

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    Hello! Writing from a Health System Owned Specialty Pharmacy. We have implemented Cabenuva at our hospital system, with our pharmacy acting as a "hub"; we complete benefit investigation, prior authorization, calling prescription for oral lead in to ...

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    Hello colleagues, If you know anyone that has worked in a correctional setting during COVID-19, I would love to hear from you. See below. Many thanks! ------------------------------ Gina Tomkus San Diego CA ...

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    Greetings from Tucson! I have an over 60 year old patient moving to Ocala, Florida and I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations on a local provider. He's not limited to Ryan White programs given his income. Thank! Paul Sacamano El Rio Health, ...

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    On behalf of the Physician Assistant committee, I hope this message finds you and yours happy, healthy and vaccinated! It is a goal of mine that we on the committee keep you informed quarterly on our progress and successes within the PA Community of AAHIVM. ...

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    I thought this webinar might be useful for those interested in HIV-1 proviral DNA drug resistance testing as it can be a useful tool to guide treatment adjustments or regimen switches (due to adverse events, regimen intolerance or drug-drug interactions). ...

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