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Diagnosis on EPTB among advanced HIV cases

  • 1.  Diagnosis on EPTB among advanced HIV cases

    Posted 02-29-2024 23:44

    Dear all,

    I am Infectious disease, public health physician and HIV specialist practicing in Delhi, India. 

    As we know that diagnosis of EPTB among advanced HIV cases is quit complicated. Urine LAM is one test which can help but it is not currently available in India in government settings. My question is what are the other best possible tests which can help in picking up EPTB early enough. I am asking for modalities other than USG or CBNAAT (other than sputum). We can only ask for CBNAAT in symptomatic cases. In advanced cases, mostly the symptoms are not present and it becomes difficult to diagnose EPTB early. So is there any other tests which can be used e.g. CRP or Any other which can be applied for all as screening criteria with lets say to all PLHIV with CD4<100??



    Amit Harshana
    South Delhi