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Sunlenca via Buy & Bill in Florida

  • 1.  Sunlenca via Buy & Bill in Florida

    Posted 06-10-2024 13:13

    Here at the Academy office, we occasionally get calls from patients who are looking for help connecting with the providers in their area.  Most of the time we're able to provide them information from the Referral Link Directory, but I spoke with a patient today that has a very unique situation and reaching out to the Community in this way is one avenue I can think of to try to help.

    In short, they need a provider in Florida that is able to help get Sunlenca through Buy & Bill.  It's complicated due to some insurance matters, but they're willing to be creative in how it is paid for.  The patient is able to travel within Florida to get the medication, but needs to do telehealth consultations in advance to make sure everything will work logistically before driving for hours to an appointment.  They are due for their next dose very soon, so time is also of the essence.

    If you're a provider in Florida that can be flexible with payments schemes, please contact me at and I can give you more info.  If agreed upon, I'll get you in touch with the patient.

    Thank you in advance!

    Dan Ebeling (he/him)
    Academy Communities Admin
    Director of Credentialing and Technology
    +1 (202) 659-0699