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  • 1.  Injectable fillers for lipoatrophy using insurance

    Posted 08-20-2022 19:14

    Hi everyone,
    Perhaps this is a random question, but I figured I'd ask!
    I am curious if anyone knows any providers, medical groups, health system departments (i.e. derm or plastics groups?) that do dermal injectable fillers for facial lipoatrophy?
    The only two medically FDA approved are Sculptra and Radiesse brands for PLWH, and can be billed through insurance. 
    I have a few patients who would like to * attempt * to use their health insurance for this type of medical management.
    I cautioned them that there is a lot of headway and usually a bit of clerical battle for this type of treatment procedure, unfortunately.
    BUT, hey, any advice or connects would be appreciated! Ideally, in the Philadelphia / New Jersey / Delaware area (they are Philadelphia-based and have commercial insurance).

    -Ashwin Gupta

    Ashwin Gupta
    Philadelphia PA

  • 2.  RE: Injectable fillers for lipoatrophy using insurance

    Posted 08-22-2022 14:25
    Medicare does cover facial fillers!  I have one local derm group with inject our PWH at a significantly discounted rate for folks whose insurance doesn't cover it.