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  • 1.  Pt refuses to do labwork

    Posted 10-21-2022 12:42
    We have a patient (70 yo cismale) who has been HIV+ since 2016.  He has been resistant to doing labwork over the last few years but will begrudgingly go and have 1 tube at a time drawn.  His resistance is that he doesn't like having it drawn and the lab staff "takes too much blood".  

    He is now straight up refusing to do any further lab work ever.  He says he "absolves" us from any responsibility for not monitoring his VL and CD4, CMP, etc.  

    Has anyone every run into a pt like this or dealt with this scenario?  He is on Biktarvy and was VL<20 in December 2021 (had refused all labs since then)

    Alexandra Danforth, PharmD, AAHIVP, BCACP
    Director, Infectious Disease and Clinical Pharmacy
    Trillium Health
    Rochester, NY