Randall McDavid

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Denver, CO

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Randall McDavid is a Community Medical Liaison for Syneos Health on assignment with ViiV Healthcare since October 2021. Previously, he served as Director of Medical Services of Colorado Health Network (CHN), and served as family nurse practitioner at APEX Family Medicine in Denver, Colorado.

Randall served on the American Academy of HIV Medicine’s Board of Directors and has the position of Co-Chair of the Nurse Practitioner Committee from 6 years. He has been an HIV Specialist (AAHIVS) for 6 years.

Randall grew up in the Appalachian Mountains (East Tennessee/Southwest Virginia), and resided in Indianapolis, Indiana from 2001 until 2017. Early 2017 is where he now calls Denver, Colorado home. He has been instrumental in starting up Colorado Health Network’s Medical Clinic in providing sex-positive healthcare to all.

Randall completed Indiana University’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program in 2005, and earned his Master of Science in Nursing in 2010 from the University of Indianapolis.

Randall is an athlete and enjoys working out at Barry’s 5 days/week, and enjoys snowboarding and hiking with his fiancé, Joseph.

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