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Angel I. Ribó PA-C, MPAS, AAHIVS, DFAAPA is a graduate of UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas Texas, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant Studies and the University of Nebraska Medical Center in
Lincoln, NE receiving a Masters in Physician Assistant Studies with specialization in Infectious Diseases. Angel I. Ribó PA-C, MPAS, AAHIVS, DFAAPA has been certified since 2013 by the American Academy of HIV Medicine as an HIV Specialist (AAHIVS).

Before moving to Florida, Mr. Ribo was the Clinical Director at Valley AIDS Council (VAC) in Harlingen Texas. During his tenure there Mr. Ribo reorganized the clinic infrastructure and was the driving force behind the implementation of the clinic’s Pharmacy 340B program. The revenue derived from the 340B program was directly responsible for fiscally rescuing the AIDS Service Organization (ASO). As a result, today VAC is a thriving organization providing primary care for people with HIV/AIDS in the lower Rio Grande Valley.

Prior to moving to Harlingen, Mr. Ribo served as the Founder and Director of the Diagnostic Clinic Center for Clinical Research in Longview, Texas. The Diagnostic Clinic is a multi-specialty group of over 40 physicians, PAs and
NPs, providing state of the art care for a diverse patient population of over 250,000 people. Angel I. Ribó PA-C, MPAS, AAHIVS, DFAAPA has been sub investigator and a leader in bringing numerous HIV/AIDS industries sponsored clinical trials enhancing patient options for care in his rural community. The Diagnostic Clinic Center for Clinical Research continues to operate acquiring clinical trials in the nearly one dozen other fields of medicine offering care by the Diagnostic Clinic multi-specialty group.

Additionally, Angel I. Ribó PA-C, MPAS, AAHIVS, DFAAPA previously also served as primary care provider and as Clinical Director for Special Health Resources for Texas in Longview Texas providing Substance Abuse prevention,
intervention and treatment along with medical and case management services since the early 90’s, for people living with HIV/AIDS. Their 3 East Texas clinics serve a 23 county, 15,000 square mile area in East Texas.

After graduating from PA school in 1998, he previously served on the Clinical Faculty with the Texas and Oklahoma AETC and worked as a Primary Care Provider at Parkland’s HIV/AIDS Clinic in Dallas where they cared for over
5,000 patients.

Angel I. Ribó PA-C, MPAS, AAHIVS, DFAAPA has had a long-standing role as a bilingual educator to both English and Spanish healthcare professionals throughout the United States and abroad. His presentations cover a wide range
of topics related to HIV/AIDS. They include diagnosis, treatment, adherence, and cultural barriers to care.

Mr. Ribó has worked in South America researching cultural approaches to health care and was one of the chief collaborators for the for the TX & OK AETC border initiative, working in international projects that link Mexican and American primary care providers, developing a future network of care along the border with Mexico for patients living with HIV/AIDS. Additionally, Angel I. Ribó PA-C, MPAS, AAHIVS, DFAAPA has been a regular presenter in English and Spanish of educational material for medical personnel dealing with the clinical care and
the Hispanic cultural issues of HIV/AIDS patients at numerous international medical conferences.

Mr Ribo’ s research work has been presented at a number of international conferences including the last two International AIDS Conferences in Barcelona and Bangkok. He led a multidisciplinary team in an unprecedented
project of capacity building of Rural Minority AIDS Service Organizations to assist the local providers in expanding their options of care to their patients by accessing clinical trials in rural communities.

He has received recognition, awards and commendations for excellence in the areas of community assistance, research & education by groups such as MADD, Dallas Police Department, Southwest Organ Bank, and The American Academy of Physician

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