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How To Look After Your Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

If you are relying on a vacuum cleaner to do most of the cleaning job, it is important that you treasure your device. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your vacuum cleaners last. Daily maintenance becomes even more important if you own a cordless vacuum cleaner as even if it comes from the  Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners brands, they normally have a small capacity, and limited battery life. Here are the tips for you to take good care of your cordless vacuum.

  • Empty the dust canister daily

It is generally known that cordless vacuum cleaners have very limited dust capacity. If users regularly leave the dust canister full, it may reduce the suction power. It will be ideal if you can empty the dust canister after every use. Allergy sufferers may find it challenging to do so, therefore, it is advisable that they choose bagged vacuum cleaners that are easier to replace the dust bag.

  • Clean the brush bar daily

It is easy for your cordless vacuum cleaner to get clogged if its brush roll or floor head is covered with hair, fluff, or debris. A blocked brush bar is also a cause of the suction power drop. The brush roll and floor head should be cleaned on a daily basis. Pet owners should check these parts even more frequently, as there tends to be more pet hair on their floors. The suction capacity of a cordless vacuum cleaner is known to be weaker than other corded models, thus it is important that we do everything to maximize its effectiveness.

  • Store in a cool place

According to several best vacuum cleaner reviews and feedback, it is advisable that your cordless vacuum cleaner is stored in a cool place. The reason is that high temperatures can be harmful to the machine, especially when it is on charge. Cordless vacuum cleaners are the favorite choices for families when going on a long trip, and they normally store the vacuum in their cars where the temperature is really high. It is highly recommended that we read the instructions from the manufacturer carefully about how to store the device in the car.

  • Leave the machine on charge is OK

Most of the modern cordless vacuum cleaners use a lithium-ion battery. Unlike other types of batteries, lithium-ion-powered vacuum cleaners can be left on charge. This means you don’t have to unplug it when it is fully charged. This will not affect the battery life, as the battery itself can automatically stop drawing power when it reaches 100%. This is also a plus point when choosing a cordless vacuum cleaner.

  • Not to drain out the battery completely

In order to maintain the performance of cordless vacuum cleaners, it is suggested that users should not drain out the lithium-ion battery completely. Complete drain may be harmful to the battery of your vacuum cleaner. To be more specific, Samsung advises that we should not leave the vacuum cleaner power under 20%. Recharging is required at this power level.

Last few words

Cordless vacuum cleaners have been really welcomed in the market, though there are opposite ideas about their effectiveness. If you are owning a cordless vacuum cleaner, you should take close care of your device. And remember that every vacuum cleaner can be the Best Vacuum Cleaners  if treasured by its owner.

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