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Alder Health
Harrisburg, PA

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Jarrett Sell, M.D., was born in Maryland.  He attended Duke University, where he studied Chemistry, and completed medical school at the University of Virginia.  Dr. Sell received his Family Medicine residency training in Phoenix, Arizona, where he had the opportunity to practice Spanish.  He currently serves as the medical director for Alder Health Services, an integrated LGBTQ and HIV focused non-profit with primary care, case management, prevention and behavioral health services, and he provides clinical care and teaches medical students and residents at Penn State Hershey Medical Center.  Before coming to Harrisburg, he practiced for eight years in a small rural town in Southwestern Virginia, where he recognized the need for HIV competent primary care.  Dr. Sell has been practicing in downtown Harrisburg since 2011 and provides HIV care and full spectrum primary care services with a focus on LGBT health, which includes PrEP and transgender hormone management.

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Practice Setting

Academic Family Medicine practice and private, non-profit HIV/LGBTQ health center setting

Patient Pool

55% of my time is in direct patient care in general Family Medicine outpatient clinics, caring for 75-100 PLWH


Providing primary care for PLWH since 2003 and comprehensive HIV care since 2012