Deborah Fredell-Gonzalez

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Salinas, CA

Professional Bio

I have worked as a PA since 2001, when I graduated from the University of Colorado CHA/PA program. I started out in Family Practice, then Internal Medicine, Radiation Oncology, and again in IM with HIV focus since January 2020. I am a cisgender female and married, with 4 children and 5 grandchildren. I have enjoyed learning a new specialty and look forward to obtaining my HIV Specialist certification. 

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Practice Setting

I work in an FQHC/County Health Department Clinic called NIDO, in Monterey County CA. I am the only full time provider. There is one ID specialist who sees all ID patients and new HIV patients, and three Family Practice docs who come for 1/2 a day most weeks to see their own patients with HIV.

Unique Opportunities

As a County Health Department provider, I was able to switch my primary clinic when the Health Department in our County took over administration of the HIV Clinic. I was the only County provider interested in making the switch so I got the job!

Patient Pool

I see usually 12-16 patient/d of all ages, and the HIV+ population skews heavily toward Hispanic males.


Since January 2020