Tsitsi Grace Monera-Penduka

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HIV Pharmaceutical Care; Herbal Medicine Pharmacovigilance; Clinical Trial design
I have been teaching Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy; and conduction research in herbal medicine safety at the University of Zimbabwe since 2010.  Over the past 2 plus years I have been involved in setting-up a Centre of Excellence for HIV treatment Care at the teaching hospital. In this role I provided inpatient and outpatient pharmaceutical care services to a cohort of over 5000 adults, adolescents and children. I also trained clinical staff, pre-service pharmacy, medical and nursing staff and students rotating through the clinic to improve the quality of care. I have focused on developing systems for pharmacovigilance, continuing education, inventory management and coordination of research in which our patients were requested to participate in.

I look forward to learn from HIV practitioners in different clinical settings from ours to continue improving quality of care and build evidence for best practice. I also hope to get accredited as an HIV pharmacist.

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