Michael Harbour

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Palo Alto, CA

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I am a board-certified internal medicine physician who specializes in HIV/AIDS, infectious diseases, disease prevention and public health.  I attended Georgetown University School of Medicine, completed a research fellowship at the NIH and did my graduate medical training in Boston.  I have served on the faculty at both Harvard Medical School and Stanford University School of Medicine.  I earned a Master’s in Public Health from the University of California Berkeley, and currently serve as their Chief Medical Officer for a digital health program focusing on behavioral health and education to improve health outcomes.  I have extensive experience in clinical trial design including managing NIH clinical trials at Stanford.  I also drug development experience at Merck & Co where I assisted in HIV and HCV medicine approvals including innovating methods to help recruit and retain patients in clinical trials.  In addition, I worked at the WHO in Geneva on maternal health issues to improve morbidity and mortality outcomes around childbirth.  I was an invited guest of President Obama to the White House for World AIDS Day.  I am a recipient of the Joseph and Rose Kennedy Scholarship for Bioethics at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University.

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