Sean Leonard

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Meadville, PA

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I am a Family medicine board-certified physician, out of residency x 2 years. Medicine was a second career for me. I worked for years as both a paramedic and as a mental health counselor, the latter mostly on locked in-patient psych-units.

I had significant exposure to in-patient addiction treatment during my family medicine residency, have obtained the DATA 2000 waiver, and currently work full time for an FQHC as a PCP, but also treating mental health and addiction issues there. I have a second part-time job at a Suboxone clinic in a rural health clinic, 1 day per week. I also fill in on the local in-patient drug and alcohol Detox/Rehab unit one weekend per month, treating active withdrawal.

I am attempting to obtain my HIV Specialist certification in order to be able to provide that service to my primary care patients through our FQHC's Ryan White program.

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