George Froehle


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Minneapolis, MN

Professional Bio

George has been providing HIV care since 2008.  He is an HIV Specialist Physician Assistant.  He worked in private practice with Dr. Peter Shalit in Seattle doing primary care for the LGBTQ+ community including HIV care, hormone care, and PrEP/PEP.  He has also worked in New Zealand doing primary care and urgent care for a PA demonstration project.  He spent a year at Mount Sinai in NYC doing HIV, PrEP, PEP and gender medicine.  He was the Lead LGBTQ+ Health Provider at CentraCare in greater MN.  He is now an HIV primary care PA at Hennepin County Medical Center's Positive Care Clinic in Minneapolis. He has been a sub-PI on multiple HIV treatment and prevention trials and has worked for both the HPTU and HVTU as a research coordinator and community liaison.

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Practice Setting

I work in a more rural setting in MN. We cover about 19 counties. We do HIV care, PrEP & TelePrEP, HCV cure, LGBTQ+ medicine including hormone management, and primary care.

Unique Opportunities

I've working with HIV and the LGBTQ+ community for over 10 yrs. Also, I had the unique opportunity of working in New Zealand for two years as a PA.

Patient Pool

My patient load is usually around 14 patients a day. We have a very diverse patient population: LGBTQ+, rural white population of various financial status, Somali immigrants, and latinx populations.


10+ years