Adam Zweig

AIDS Healthcare Foundation

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AIDS Healthcare Foundation
San Diego, CA

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I did my Internal Medicine residency in Phoenix, Arizona, 1989 through 1992.  Many of the hospitalized patients who I cared for were young men and women with HIV/AIDS.  At that time, almost all of them died.  This lead to my decision to become an HIV Specialist.  I saw most of the patients with HIV infection at Scripps Clinic in San Diego 1992 through 2014, before becoming Clinic Director, and then Regional Medical Director at AIDS Healthcare Foundation. At my office, we have a relatively large HIV + practice, including a Ryan White grant.  We also see a large number of HIV negative men, and some women, who are at risk for HIV acquisition. I also supervise the AHF offices in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Oakland, and Seattle. With the smaller number of clinicians entering the fields of ID and HIV medicine, I feel a keen responsibility to keep the interest alive.

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