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There are different types of essays: generally speaking, there are fiction and scientific essays. In a university of applied sciences, an essay is a scientific essay, which is a short thesis on a subject. Why do people write essays at university of applied sciences? There are several reasons. One of the main reasons is that an essay assistant requires a certain amount of knowledge about a particular subject. In order to write an essay, you have to read and acquire knowledge about the subject.

Writing an essay therefore develops thinking skills.

An essay is an analytical and general comparative text. In it, the writer shows similarities, differences and similarities between things. The writer looks at different sources and uses them to justify his or her views on the subject. The essay is based on facts that are presented clearly. In other words, the essay compares one argument or point of view. You should think of the topic of the essay as a problem-solving exercise, for which you choose a point of view. The essay should be a coherent whole in which the issues are related or connected in a reasoned way. The essay is a fact-focused text, but at the same time, as a writer, you are presenting your point of view in relation to the literature. (Vilkka 2020, 26.)

As mentioned above, an essay is therefore neither an opinion piece nor a refereed paper. In order to be able to present your case reliably and convincingly as a writer, you need to be familiar with the topic. Even if you have your own experiences and observations about something, they are not general facts.

You need to allow sufficient time for the planning stage of the essay, because you need to study the topic and think about your point of view. Instead of repeating the source literature on the subject you have read, you should demonstrate your own understanding of the subject. This will also help you understand the impact and nature of your own experiences. The essay will help you to understand what kind of thinker you are and how you relate to your field. (Vilkka 2020, 28.)

Structure of the essay

The essay consists of three parts: an introduction, a discussion and a conclusion.

The introduction, the body of the essay, the introduction, the conclusion and the conclusion:

This is where you present the main idea of your work. The introductory part of the paper is the main body of the essay in this site . A clear perspective is important. You can draw on literature to help you choose your point of
view. The introduction should answer the following questions:

  • What is the topic or thesis of your essay?
  • What is your understanding of the issue?
  • What are the perspectives from which you approach the issue? 

What are your views on the essay?
In this section, you will examine the topic or issue from the perspective of your choice. The structure of the discussion section will depend on your point of view. For example, you can look at the issue by comparing different views, commenting on the main arguments or creating an overview of the development of the topic or issue. In this case, the structure can proceed chronologically, i.e. in chronological order. In the problem-solving sequence, the situation or problem is presented first. Then the problem is specified, i.e. the causes and consequences are highlighted. Finally, the proposed solution or conclusion is presented.

The conclusion section:
In this part, you present your interpretation of the issue, highlight the most interesting points, develop the issue further, present possible developments or highlight different possible applications. Your topic and your perspective on the issue will determine the most appropriate conclusion. Hanna Vilkka states that the conclusion allows the author to present his or her views or experiences. However, it is important not to proceed in a purely self-centred way.

The layout of the essay
The layout of the essay is described in the Template for Written Assignments.
Click here to watch a video showing the structure of the essay.

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