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Linden, NJ

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Greetings Everyone,

My name is Lucy Ogechi Efobi. I am a graduate of Rutgers School of Nursing Doctor of Nursing program. I am board certified (HIV Specialist) in HIV care and treatment. I work in an HIV clinic with concentration in HIV care and treatment, STD, Hepatitis, PrEP  and nPEP treatment and also an adjunct Nursing Clinical Instructor at Rutgers School of Nursing. I am very excited to be part of these great and talented individuals. 

As an HIV clinic provider working with approximately 120 patients LWHIV with a collaborative physician, my role, includes, but not limited to, developing  treatment protocol and guidelines for my clinic. In giving back to the community that has seen me grow, I also work as an adjunct clinical professor at Rutgers University school of Nursing with concentration on Community Nursing.

I am married with 4 lovely kids, a boy and three ladies! I love to travel and interact with people.

Lucy Oge Efobi, DNP, APN, FNP-BC, BSc.ed, AAHIVS
HIV/AIDS Foundation
Clinical Adjunct Professor
Rutgers school of Nursing
Newark, NJ

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