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Linden, NJ

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Greetings Everyone,

My name is Lucy Ogechi Efobi. I am a Nurse practitioner with a doctoral degree in family and emergency care from Rutgers University, Newark NJ. I joined an HIV clinic early this year as my first NP job and that makes me a "Newbie" in this game of HIV care and treatment :). It was quite interesting reading comments, recommendations and suggestions from experts in this community and I am glad that I am part of this noble community.

As a new NP working with approximately 120 HIV patients with a collaborating physician, treating both HIV, STI, Hepatitis and PrEP, it was quite a challenge keeping up with treatment guidelines but one thing that kept me going was the love I have, treating and caring for this population. More so, readings from The HIV national curriculum was a big PLUS in understanding HIV treatment and care. 

A big kudos to this noble community again, with your help, I am working towards my certification and any suggestions on this will be greatly appreciated. Secondly, I had developed protocols to work with during this remote pandemic period. Attached is my PrEP protocol which is under review by the Clinic Medical Director. You are welcome to send in your comments and recommendations. Also, I plan to develop one on STI, all thanks to this community.

Finally, I am married with 4 lovely kids, a boy and 3 three ladies! Love to travel but one thing I am sure of is that "I LOVE MY JOB" and I love what I do!

Lucy Oge Efobi, DNP, APN, FNP-BC, BSc.ed
Hyacinth HIV/AIDS Foundation
Newark, NJ

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