Carly Floyd

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Albuquerque, NM

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As a clinical pharmacist, I'm a passionate advocate of marginalized communities and a leader committed to educating the next generation of healthcare providers.

Since becoming a pharmacist in 2009, I completed a community-based pharmacy residency program and became a pharmacist clinician provider in New Mexico. I have started disease state management services in a variety of areas and locations, like anticoagulation, diabetes, HIV treatment and prevention, and smoking cessation. I created the first and only community-based pharmacy residency program in New Mexico and successfully achieved ASHP accreditation for 8 years. I've also used my voice to advocate for HIV treatment and prevention on a variety of podcasts and educational platforms, including the AAHIVMs "The Academy Exchange: HIV Today & Tomorrow", The Political Pharmacist, and the CorConsult Rx podcasts.

In addition to patient care and advocacy, I'm dedicated to increasing knowledge and awareness of HIV treatment and prevention. I've been invited to speak and educate at local and state-wide seminars, national webinars, and most recently created ASHP's Pharmacist-Initiated Therapy Microcredential on HIV Pre- and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis.

When I’m not busy pushing healthcare boundaries, you can find me playing Pokemon or MarioKart with my partner and three kids, picking up eggs from my backyard chickens, or pretending I have a green thumb with my raised-bed gardens.

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