Mark Goodman


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​I am honored to be a HIV provider since residency days in Chicago at Rush, in 1985: now living and working in Omaha, Nebraska, tending to folks here, and teaching at Creighton University.​

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I am a professor Family Medicine at Creighton University School of Medicine, have a large practice of folks living with HIV, and enjoy teaching our Family Medicine residents and our Creighton Medical students HIV care.

Unique Opportunities

One of the great life lessons was my own needle stick. My patient, a kind and wonderful soul, asked me to take a large squamous cell skin cancer off of his chest wall: in the course of this, I poked right through my glove: he was very concerned: FOR ME! The race to the pharmacy to start PEP and the side effects (back then) taught me a lot:

Patient Pool

I see 12 to 30 patients a day, on any given day 2 to 10 live with HIV. My team is very committed to justice and equity: we agitate for and advocate for an inclusive and kind community.


REsidency training in Family Medicine was at Rush University in Chicago, and in 1985 as an intern I remember the compassion and fear of caring for folks with HIV (remembering back then the blood test and virus name were just being discerned)