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  • 1.  CAB sites

    Posted 02-01-2023 13:24
    Hi everyone,
    I have a handful of patients saying that they've heard Cabotegravir can be injected into the deltoid and asking for this. I'm not asking anyone to declare whether they have administered it this way, but does anyone have any secondhand anecdotal experience that my patients could benefit from? (Sounds awfully painful to me, even if it were approved!)

    Julia Cooper MD, AAHIVS
    New York, NY

  • 2.  RE: CAB sites

    Posted 02-01-2023 15:52
    No deltoid experience, but we had a patient request it in gluteus maximus (butt cheek) rather than gluteus medius. The latter is recommended but both are ok per the package insert. Patient reported much more post-injection pain from the gluteus maximus injection. I would imagine that deltoid is even worse. Also I believe that injection volume of more than 1 ml is not recommended for the deltoid.

    Peter Shalit
    Seattle WA

  • 3.  RE: CAB sites

    Posted 02-01-2023 18:05
    Perhaps they are referring to thigh injection information that was released at IAC last year in Montreal?  I don't know of any information on using the deltoid, and the volume of fluid injected would likely make this not possible.

    Adam Zweig
    AIDS Healthcare Foundation
    San Diego CA