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  • Hi everyone, My name is Jamie Felberg and I am an Associate Professor of Hospital Medicine at Texas Tech School of Medicine. My interest is bridging public health services and hospitals and am working on a clinic to help transition patients out of ...

  • This is rather interesting but not much data to support it - I did find one study in PubMed and many others that would qualify as disease oriented evidence. There is also a push to use metformin in the "anti-aging literature". I would be inclined to not ...

  • Same, 3 (Not a re-infection) ------------------------------ Janis Oenbrink Titusville FL ------------------------------

  • What was his previous genotype? ------------------------------ Michael Potnek Outreach Community Health Centers Menomonee Falls WI ------------------------------

  • Is there any insight to starting metformin to increase CD4 count and to decrease inflammatory response in patients even without DM? ------------------------------ David Farber Rapid City SD ------------------------------

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    We have a patient who is doing estate planning and would like to donate his body to science. He has reached out to a few organizations and has been declined due to his HIV status. Any suggestions on who he can connect with? ------------------------------ ...

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    Forgive me if this has already been discussed, For those that work in a hospital setting, how do you manage the storage of medications marked as Dispense in original Container (Biktarvy/Truvada/etc)? And if you are repackaging/dispensing these as ...

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    The CDC is soliciting for external feedback for proposed update to the nPEP guidelines. A second listening session is scheduled for Nov 28, 2023, 3-4pm ET. "The intention of the session is to receive input, not to engage in debate nor achieve consensus. ...

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    HCV In Kentucky

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    A colleague of mine is looking to start an HCV Clinic within an FQHC. Is there anyone that has experience in Kentucky? ------------------------------ Joel Zive PharmD, MPH ------------------------------

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    Hi everyone, Earlier this year, i posted regarding a patient of mine who had a significant jump in a1c from ~7 to ~13 one month after switching from genvoya to biktarvy and concurrently had new viremia. thankfully, their diabetes and HIV are both well ...

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